Quantum Healing Session

Quantum Healing Session

Julie Ann Love PhD

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In this life changing session, Julie Ann Love uses her multifaceted, multi-dimensional healing and psychic abilities to help catapult your life and living to the next level by clearing out lifetimes worth of energetic debris to make room for more of your Soul Essence, spiritual gifts and Union with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is "who" you are desiring to be. During your Quantum Healing session is where the Personality Self and the Higher Self become one. 

The session begins with a full energy and cellular clearing in the Quantum Field. After the initial clearing your Soul and Higher Self direct the show, which means, if you have lower energies, trauma, unfinished experiences (which we all do) from this or past lives that are causing you pain, holding you back, and interfering with your energy, Julie is taken “there” as if it is happening now. She uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and psychic abilities to clear these at the ROOT level, where they began and originated.

The results are, you are clearing life-times worth of pain and suffering that no longer serve you and are NOT part of your path moving forward.

When we heal these traumas, lower energies and unfinished experiences at the ROOT level, every emotion, thought, feeling and belief you created about yourself or others related to that experience is completely healed, dissolved and release to the Light to be transformed, including those within the others who may have been involved in the experience.

Julie can literally see the thought-forms, neural pathways and globs of unhealthy energy dissolve and unravel right before her eyes and right out of your mind, body and Soul. This is profound and life changing on every level. 

During these sessions, often entire bloodlines and soul families show up for healing. This can be a multi-generational healing and Soul Clearing...

Do you have unhealthy patterns, traumas, and long-term emotional suffering in your family? During these sessions, often entire bloodlines and Soul families show up to be healed as they are also affected by these past traumas. This can be a multi-generational and ancestral healing and Soul Clearing. 

In the Quantum field we also remove...

  • Entities & globs of unhealthy energies 
  • Implants (we all have them unless they have been removed)
  • Thought-forms and unhealthy neural pathways 
  • Energy Blocks that make it nearly impossible to move forward in that area of life until they are cleared and removed.
  • Energy Hooks from past life traumas that are affecting you now
  • Cords & threads of Attachment that are draining your energy 


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The next phase of this amazing Quantum Healing Session is where you receive new Light Codes, DNA Upgrades and Activations, Higher Self Alignment, and Alignment with Soul Gifts and Soul Purpose. 


Akashic Records Reading Inside  Your Quantum Healing Sessions

Do you want life changing and immediate results? Do you want to know the path of your soul?

The Map of Your Soul Awaits You...

Have you been trying to connect to your Higher Self or Guides to ask the life changing questions you want answers to? You ask and ask but can't seem to get the guidance or clarity you need to be able to move forward with your life?

Guided by your questions, I channel information from the Light keepers of your Soul Record:

Here we are given the truth of your soul path and purpose, how current and past life energies, hooks, and implants are affecting you and holding you back from your true potential here and now. During the session I share the answers to your questions from your soul so you can move forward with clarity, purpose, peace, freedom and joy.

What you can expect to receive from an Akashic Record Reading Inside your Quantum Healing Session?

  • Release and clearing of past life experiences, hooks, and implants that are interfering with your highest good
  • Understanding your current life circumstances and personal relationships
  • Insight and understanding of your relationship with money and personal abundance
  • Detection of energy blocks that are holding you back from being who you came here to be and stopping you from achieving your dreams, desires, and goals
  • Release of deep rooted fears, phobias, and self-sabotage energies
  • Gain clarity of your life purpose and receive immediate next steps in your journey
  • Activation and alignment with your Soul purpose and Soul gifts
  • A massive energy shift to catapult you to the next level of your soul’s evolution

Personal Akashic Records and Quantum Healing Sessions Include:

  • An enhanced energy clearing to prepare the mind and body to receive your soul’s wisdom and insight.
  • Deep soul clearing and release of past life vows, agreements, soul contracts, and karmic entanglement.
  • Release of current and trapped emotional wounding from your body (issues in the tissues!) and energy field.
  • Opportunity to ask your soul anything you need answers to in order to heal, grow and move forward in your life.
  • Complete energy realignment with new Light Codes received during Akashic Healing.
  • Soul path activation and immediate next steps to take.
  • Energy releasing statements and questions to ask for continued healing.


Transform Your Life With Quantum Healing Sessions, Packages and more....

Soul-Purpose-Activation and Alignment                     Session $125/45min  


Do you know deep down that there is something you are here to do, but can't quite align with it? Do you spend a lot of time wondering why you are here and wish you could feel more fulfilled in your daily life? Do you feel there is something you are here to contribute to humanity but need help figuring out exactly what it is? Then this session is for you. Schedule your session today! 

 Light-Code-Activation Healing Session                          $125/45min

Have you done a lot of physical and emotional healing but still feel stuck and out of balance? Do you feel like there is some unseen force preventing you from being who you desire to be? Are you on an energetic roller coaster? Wondering why what you want keeps slipping through your fingers? Or, does what you want keep changing to the point where you're getting nothing done? If so, This session is for you. Schedule now!

Psychic Quantum Healing Session $300  

During your 1-hour Quantum Healing Session we will be clearing lifetimes worth of debris and bringing in Light Code Activations, Soul Alignment and so much more...See above page for details. Schedule today!

Six Week Quantum Healing Package $1144    

  • Includes three Quantum Healing Sessions two weeks apart
  •  A One-Hour Self-Care & Spiritual Practice Session, where I teach you how to be in charge of your energy field at all times! How to clear your own energy and also how to support your human body so you can be free of dis-ease and have a strong immune system! Blending Body, Mind and Soul together into one healthy living Being...YOU!
  • This Six Week Package is a going to change your life and give you many spiritual tools to use throughout your life!

Three Month Quantum Theme Package $2397      (Includes 6 Quantum Healing Sessions!)

  • Includes 1-hour Discovery call  
  • An in-depth questionnaire to understand how to best serve you.
  • Two Quantum Healing Sessions per month (six in total) focusing on clearing lifetimes worth of debris on the following subjects & themes: Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, Health & Body, Ancestral & Family, Manifestation and more so you can catapult your life and living to the next level! It's like having a complete Soul Reboot!!
  • Plus six 30 minutes follow-ups to help you integrate the healing you have received! (one after each Quantum Healing Session).


You are ready for a deep exploration of your Astro-Numerology as a part of your evolutionary journey.

Here we are given the truth of your soul path and purpose, how current and past life energies, hooks, and implants are affecting you and holding you back from your true potential here and now.

Julie Ann Love,PhD





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What an experience! It was really amazing. I felt so much lighter afterwards. Julie has a real gift and has definitely found her purpose in life. I feel like my physical body structures are transforming/shifting in some way. It shifted my energy massively and instantly.

Leonie Blackwell
Founder: Essence of Healing Institute

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