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Welcome to your Soul's Design of You. Your Birth Code awakens you to Your unique energetic signature. It's the energetic jacket you put on the moment you were born. Your Birth Code carries all of the information you require to live and fulfill your best life. Your Birth Code reveals your Soul gifts, personal genius, strengths, challenges, lessons and most importantly, your Soul Path. Learning about your Soul's Blueprint empowers you to Be who you came here to Be. No more holding back. No more second guessing yourself! Receiving a Birth Code Reading is one of the most empowering choices you can make to align with your true potential now. 


 Learn more about Astro-Numerology, the most advanced Birth Code Reading System available today! 

Astro-Numerology Readings

Are you ready to be empowered and learn about yourself on a Soul level? Through years of studying with one of the world's most influential Astrology and Numerology teachers, I offer you an Astro-Numerology Reading that will catapult you to the next level. This powerful reading blends the science of Astrology and Numerology into the most advanced Birth Code Reading System available today.  This blended scientific system unlocks a deep understanding and knowing of your Soul Path, qualities, lessons and gifts. 

No more second guessing yourself and wondering why you are here!


Book a session to receive this life changing Birth Code Reading System and illuminate your life path today. 

Your Astro-Numerology Reading Includes:

  • An 8-10 page written report that Julie Ann Mills personally creates for you using her unique scientific blend of Astrology and Numerology. What do your Birth Code Numbers say about you?
  • She uses her divination and psychic gifts when analyzing all of your planets, houses and numbers to create a very specialized and personal Birth Code Reading Report.
  • This Insight into your numbers gives a clear picture of your gifts, talents, life purpose and lessons you came here to master. 
  • Your report reveals your Day of Birth, Life Purpose, and Destiny Numbers. Your Personal Year, Month and Day Numbers. Your Personality and Soul Numbers, as well as your House and Planet Numbers and what they say about you. And so much more!
  • Also includes a Current Name Reading ($125 value)


Access your Astro-Numerology Reading and Report to awaken to your Soul's Purpose   and live at the highest vibrational level possible, so you can be of service during this powerful time of Ascension.

Ready to catapult yourself to the next level and to utilize your Soul Gifts?   Book your 1-on-1 Session and Report today!

Complete Astro-Numerology Birth Code Customized Report (8-10 pages), plus Live call with Julie:

Complete Birth Code Reading (60 min 1-on-1 session) $1497

This package takes me 8-10 hours to put together for you!  This is the most in depth analysis that will expand your life with certainty into creating a magnificent path ahead. Are you ready to “Awaken to You!?” Learn about yourself on a soul and personality level in my most in-depth “Birth Code Reading”. Receive an 8-10 page report of your Soul’s Birth Code Blueprint combining Astrology and Numerology and a Live Intuitive call, where I reveal even more of your soul essence as you ask questions about your Birth Code Report. This custom report reveals your Soul’s mission, your challenges/lessons, gifts, personal genius, sacred self-expression and much more. This reading empowers you to Be who you came here to Be. No more second guessing yourself and wondering why you are here! Book this session and I will use my psychic, intuitive, healing essence to illuminate your path right before your eyes. Most Profound Reading.

Numerology Birth Code Reading (3-4 pages):

Numerology Birth Code Report (1-on-1 60 min session) $797

This Numerology Report includes your 3 Most-Important numbers in your Birth Code, including your Life Purpose and Destiny Numbers. Awaken to who you REALLY are and your Soul’s intended path in this lifetime. Empower yourself with knowing your true soul essence. This reading also includes information about your current name. Is it holding a FORTUNATE vibration or an UNFORTUNATE vibration? Your current name is your calling card to the world. Let’s make sure it is working for you!

This blended scientific system unlocks a deep understanding and knowing of your Soul Path, qualities, lessons and gifts. 

Julie Ann Mills, PhD





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What an experience! It was really amazing. I felt so much lighter afterwards. Julie has a real gift and has definitely found her purpose in life. I feel like my physical body structures are transforming/shifting in some way. It shifted my energy massively and instantly.

Leonie Blackwell
Founder: Essence of Healing Institute

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